Vulcan Tourism, in Vulcan, Alberta, Canada, has just introduced a new and exclusive line of Star Trek Insignia Bracelets. Jennifer Bunt of Magic Dog Studios designed/handmade the bracelets from 100 percent recycled sterling silver. Available now, the bracelets come on suede adjustable wristbands with color – red, blue and gold – to match the insignia (Engineering, Science, Command), and will include an optional black leather cord. The bracelets are selling for $55 each.

“It was very exciting to create the Star Trek Insignia Bracelets,” Jennifer Bunt told “Having my work out there, representing Star Trek, a show that has become a global icon, a show that I remember watching as a child, has been an honor.”

The Star Trek Insignia Bracelents will be available online -- click HERE -- and at the Galaxy Souvenir Gift Shop in the Vulcan Tourism and Trek Station, a one-of-a-kind visitor information center and Star Trek museum in Vulcan, Alberta, Canada.

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