Is it fall already? The weather says otherwise, but IDW Publishing has just announced their Star Trek titles for September. has exclusive art and details.

Star Trek #49—Five-Year Mission is written by Mike Johnson and features art and a cover by Tony Shasteen. In the epic conclusion of "Deity," the Starship Enterprise and her crew face a fierce new enemy, and Captain Kirk must choose between sacrificing his ship and crew or allowing an innocent species to perish. The book will 32 pages and $3.99. Fans should be on the lookout for a subscription variant with a photo cover.

Up next is Star Trek, Vol. 10, a trade paperback that boasts the stories "Behemoth," "Eurydice," and "The Tholian Webs” from issues #41–46. The stories are by Mike Johnson, while Cat Staggs and Tony Shasteen handled the art. And the cover is by Staggs. Star Trek, Vol. 10 will run 120 pages and cost $19.99.
Also on tap is Star Trek/Green Lantern #3 (of 6), written by Mike Johnson, with a cover by Tony Shasteen and art by Angel Hernandez. The blockbuster crossover event of 2015 continues here, as the galaxy explodes in a Lantern-fueled war between the Federation and its enemies. Captain Kirk and the ring-bearing crew of the Enterprise must join forces with Hal Jordan to prevent the loss of entire civilizations... as the identity of the villain behind it all is revealed! Star Trek/Green Lantern #3 will run 32 pages and cost $3.99. Fans should be on the lookout for a variant featuring a Rachael Stott cover and another cover variant that's part of the connecting subscription variant, with six covers by Garry Brown, one for every issue, forming one giant image. 

Lastly, there's Star Trek New Visions: The Survival Equation by writer and photo-manipulator John Byrne. In it, the names Andrea, Ruk, Exo III conjure grim memories for James Kirk.  What, then, happens when the killer androids start showing up by the dozen? Find out. Plus, expect a special guest star who’s bound to surprise. The Survival Equation will run 48 pages and cost $7.99.
For additional details, contact your local comic book retailer or visit to find a store near you. Keep an eye on for new about other upcoming Star Trek comic books from IDW Publishing.


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