Trek Battle Replicas from Anovos

Trek Battle Replicas from Anovos

ANOVOS is best known for their Star Trek uniform replicas, but they also offer a variety of accessories and complementary products. And they'll soon introduce a half-dozen cool new products including phaser rifle replicas and phaser replicas, as well as a tricorder replica. has an exclusive First Look at the upcoming products:

Star Trek DS9 Type III “Siege at AR-558” Variant Phaser Rifle -- This features LED indicators, flashlight, phaser emitter light, trigger, rechargeable battery and a carry strap. Internal component details are accessible via underside flip-down panel. Sound bytes, accurate to scene included. Price TBD.

Star Trek First Contact Picard Variant Phaser Rifle --

Star Trek First Contact
Version 2 Phaser Rifle --

Star Trek First Contact Type II Hand Phaser --

Star Trek Nemesis Type II Hand Phaser --

First Contact Tricorder Replica --


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