Kirk, Spock and Nurse Chapel are back in action aboard the bridge of the U.S.S Enterprise thanks to Pin Mate and the first-ever, retro-style Star Trek: The Original Series Pin Mate Enterprise Bridge Playset, available now exclusively from Entertainment Earth. The three miniature wooden figures are designed with intricate 360-degree artwork that includes hand-painted details alongside limited decals, which showcase Captain James T. Kirk in a green tunic, First Officer Spock in blue and Nurse Chapel in blue.

And now, for the first-time ever, Star Trek enthusiasts can place these Federation space explorers inside a wooden bridge playset that comes complete with a Captain's Chair and various work stations surrounding the perimeter. Limited to just 500 sets, each one is individually numbered with a holographic sticker.

The Star Trek: TOS Pin Mate Enterprise Playset – Entertainment Earth Exclusive is priced at $74.99. Go to to purchase it.


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