It's time to set expectations to stun, maybe even kill. A phaser prop used on the set of Star Trek: The Original Series is up for auction and it's expected to fetch somewhere in the galaxy of $60,000. The fiberglass prop is one of just two known surviving TOS phasers, and was used in March, 1968, during production of "Assignment: Earth" and possibly in other episodes as well. 

The phaser, which is commanding a $40,000 minimum opening bid, is part of a Propworx auction set to kick off on Feb. 21. Other items in the auction include assorted screen-used ship models and costumes (including several Guinan hats and Leeta's baseball uniform), a latinum strip, script sets, crew hats, art work and more. Many of the items come from the collection of veteran Trek VFX artist Gary Hutzel.

See the auction site for additional details.

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