Eaglemoss is best known for producing model starships, but they have also been making scale replicas of the dedication plaques that appear on the bridges of most Starfleet vessels. The latest one they’ve produced, The Original Series Plaque, has just arrived in their online store.

For most plaques, they’ve been able to get hold of the artwork that was used to create the original props from Mike Okuda, who was, of course, responsible for creating all the scenic art for the modern shows. But when it came to The Original Series, the artwork was long since lost and the plaque had to be reconstructed. Once again, Okuda came to the rescue. He had already researched the plaque for the various episodes that involved recreating the bridge, and was keen to return to the subject.

He produced a detailed brief that Eaglemoss was able to send to the factory that was making their scale replica. You can see how incredibly detailed the brief is here:
The text on the plaque might surprise some people. We all think of Kirk’s Enterprise as being a Constitution-class ship, but the plaque says that it is "Starship Class." It turns out that it wasn’t officially referred to as belonging to the Constitution class until the second episode of The Next Generation, "The Naked Now," which was first aired in 1987, more than 20 years after the Enterprise first appeared on screen. 

The Eaglemoss replica, which measures just under 10 inches across, is available exclusively from their online store. If you are in the U.S. it costs $24.95 and can be found HERE. Or, if you are in Europe, click HERE.

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If you haven’t subscribed to the Eaglemoss collection, you can still start from the beginning. Sign up at http://www.st-starships.com/

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