Star Trek 50th anniversary celebrations are not limited to the United States. The U.K. is getting in on the fun with Star Trek: The Undiscovered Future, a one-hour radio documentary that explores whether the extraordinary vision of creator Gene Roddenberry is coming to pass in reality. And so, 50 years after Star Trek: The Original Series premiered, presenter Kevin Fong asks: What progress has been made towards the optimistic future depicted? What is likely to be fulfilled or remain undiscovered in the next 50 years?

Fong, in The Undiscovered Future, shares much-loved moments from the show as he voyages into the BBC's archives to consider possible answers, revealing perspectives from such cast members as Leonard Nimoy, Nichelle Nichols and George Takei. He also seeks out new views from Administrator of NASA Charles Bolden, Rod Roddenberry, son of Gene, and arts and media journalist -- and longtime Star Trek fan -- Samira Ahmed.

Star Trek: The Undiscovered Future is an Archive on 4 program for BBC Radio 4. It will premiere on Saturday, September 3. Go to to check it out. 

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