Which series featured the best music? That’s the question StarTrek.com asked for our latest poll, and the results suggest that Voyager is on a roll. In recent weeks, fans voted that Voyager had the best opening title sequence and was also the series that would make the best feature-length movie. And now it’s won this poll, too. A whopping 35% of fans said it had the best music, crushing the competition. TNG came in second with 21%, while DS9 tallied 17%, followed by TOS with 14% and Enterprise with 12%.



Here’s a sampling of fan comments:

“...I have to go with DS9 for best music. Why? Vic Fontaine!” --Phillip Danger Clayburn

“I'm having the Voyager theme music played as I go thru the curtain when I'm cremated. My final away mission…  Voyager’s theme tune.” – Karen Kimber

“I voted, but I just don't understand why the majority don't agree that TOS is the best music. Voyager? Oh well....” – Brian Dixey

“Anyone who didn't vote for Enterprise didn't watch it. Easily the best music (aside from the opening sequence).” – Austin Jae

“I have a great respect for the music of Star Trek. Jerry and Joel Goldsmith did wonderful jobs with it. That being said, my vote is for TNG if for no other reason than the movies. They had wonderful scores. If the vote were for the music of the theme songs, I'd have to say DS9.” – Tammy Mueller

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