The One:12 Collective will soon add Spock to its line of Star Trek figures. Digitally modeled to craft an uncanny likeness of Leonard Nimoy and assembled on a One:12 Collective body with over 28 points of articulation, the figure will feature a series-accurate, real-fabric costume and leather-look screen-matched boots to create a true collectible.

Other Spock-centric elements will include: an alternate head with arched eyebrow, a "Live long and prosper” hand, a phaser holding hand, a Vulcan mind-meld hand, a Vulcan nerve pinch hand, a set of posing hands, a set of fists, a phaser, a communicator with flip-up panel, a tricorder with opening top section and a display base and posing stand.

Each figure will come packaged in a deluxe, fifth-panel window box featuring character-specific artwork and a translucent acetate slipcover. Designed for collector convenience, the packaging has been especially engineered to allow for maximum protection without sacrificing ease of removal for display.

The One:12 Collective Spock will cost $70, plus shipping, and it should ship in April or May. Visit to pre-order.

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