Star Trek: The Exhibition, currently at the Golden Mile in Blackpool, U.K., has just added items from the Star Trek: Discovery set to its collection of 100-plus original props, costumes and set pieces -- many of which have never been seen in the UK before.

Among the Discovery items are:

Mek'leth (Klingon Weapon)




Set of Badges


Vulcan Chime & Vulcan Pendant


Gold/Silver/Copper Uniforms


Captain's Chair


Designed by the stage designer Andrew Edwards, The Exhibition is an experience for fans and families to visit, as it takes audiences on a journey through Star Trek's 50-plus-year history with original props, costumes, scripts and photographs, many from private collectors, as well as the opportunity to step aboard a spectacular recreation of the iconic bridge from The Original Series and, now, to sit in the Captain’ chair from Discovery.

The Exhibition will be open daily from now through November 5. Go to for additional information and ticket details.

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