Cadet Sylvia Tilly, a/k/a Captain Killy, got to utter some of the best, funniest lines during Star Trek: Discovery's first season. Today, we celebrate some of those memorable bits of dialogue, nearly half of which come from the Tilly-palooza season-one finale, “Will You Take My Hand?” And we even invited Mary Wiseman, who plays our beloved, wide-eyed, exuberant Tilly/Killy, to share her personal favorite Tilly Dilly with readers.

Context Is for Kings

“I never met a female named Michael before. Do you think that suits you? I'll call you Mickey. I think that's more approachable.” 

Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad

“I used to exclusively go for soldiers, but I’m going through a musician phase right now.”

Despite Yourself

"What the heck... heck... hell? What the hell! Hold your horses!" 

Will You Take My Hand?

“Insult her again, and your nose is going to be able to sniff the back of your head.”

“I have a very narrow esophagus. Strange, but true. So, that’s bad for that.” 

“Oh, s—t, that’s not a drone!” 

“First of all, um, so, I am very high. Uh, but you need to listen to me.” 

To bring this full-circle, we went directly to the source of all the profundities above. While chatting with Mary Wiseman, we asked her what her favorite Tilly Dilly was. Her reply:

“That's tricky because there's so many great ones, but I think my favorite, the one that I read and I thought, ‘This is perfect,’ is, I can't remember which episode, but early on she says, ‘I love feeling feelings.’” Wiseman, referring to “Choose Your Pain,” told us. “And that felt like a very good motto for Tilly. She's kind of an unabashed empath and enthusiast. That felt like a really central mantra, ‘I love feeling feelings.’ Gretchen Berg, I think, wrote that line and I just love it.”

And what was YOUR favorite Tilly line?

All of Star Trek: Discovery's first season is available for streaming/viewing on CBS All Access in the U.S. and Space Channel in Canada. It's available on Netflix in the rest of the world.


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