The latest entry in Iron Gut Publishing’s official Star Trek fine art collection is out now, and it’s another winner created by British artist Dave Merrell. “McCoys Bones” represents the final piece in a trilogy, as it was preceded by thematically similar pieces depicting Kirk and Spock. The main image of McCoy resembles an X-ray, revealing, quite literally, “McCoys Bones.” Also, as Merrell has done with each of the pieces, “McCoys Bones” includes words, phrases and images in the background that he believes define the true fabric of the character.

“McCoys Bones” is a fine art Giclee produced on 315gsm, 100% cotton-textured fine-art paper and is limited to 95 pieces worldwide. Merrrell has signed and hand-numbered each piece, which measures 16”x22,” will come with a COA and costs 75 British pounds.

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