Life has been hard for the Romulans. Ever since the destruction of their home world, they have struggled to find their place in the galaxy. While some have decided the best course of action is to side with the militaristic and fanatical Tal Shiar, many realize they must look inward and repair what was lost before they can look across the galaxy with larger plans.

The first evidence of this new direction came via an alliance with the Remans, led by Obisek. Together with both the Federation and the Klingon Empire, they were able to stop Hakeev’s Tal Shiar forces and prevent potentially massive destruction. With larger threats temporarily subsided, the surviving Romulans and Remans began to search for a new place to call home.

And now, it seems, they’ve found it. Welcome to New Romulus, or Mol’Rihan in the traditional tongue.

As a member of the Federation or the Klingon Defense Force, you will be tasked with helping them establish their new home world in the form of a new Adventure Zone.

Is this Adventure Zone available to all players at all times?

The Romulan Colony Adventure Zone is always available to players who have reached Vice Admiral or Lieutenant General Rank, and bonus rewards will be awarded if played during special timeslots found on the hourly event calendar. To participate, players will travel to the Tau Dewa Sector Block and beam down with a single Bridge Officer to New Romulus where a variety of missions await them.

How does an Adventure Zone work?

Different regions of the zone will have daily missions that can be completed to help the Romulans and Remans colonize the planet. A Reman or Romulan officer is stationed in each of the areas, offering a different daily mission. Each mission has a variety of ways it can be completed and it’s up to you how you’d like to help. You can choose combat options or collection options as listed by that area’s mission. Each element you or your team chooses to do advances an overall tracker that completes when it reaches 100%. There are also special events that periodically take place in the various areas; participating in those events also count towards overall mission progression.
What do I get for completing these missions?

By completing these tasks, you earn Romulan Marks for use in the new Reputation system which awards new special rewards and gear, as well as increasing your reputation with the Romulans (look for another Dev Blog on this system in the near future). You will also unlock story elements that explain the history and potential future of New Romulus.

What else can I do in this adventure zone?

As you advance in the reputation system, special instances will unlock that can be done with more of your bridge officers or other players. There are also additional daily missions that will help teach you the map and learn additional planetary and cultural lore.

The Romulans and Remans need your help! Will you answer the call?

We can’t wait for you to adventure on New Romulus when it launches with Season 7! We’ll see you in-game.

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