To celebrate the festive season of the end of the year, Q returns with his fabulous winter planet and all of its games and amusements! From now until January 14th around 10am, Q’s Winter Wonderland will be accessible again by speaking with Q on Qo’noS or Earth Spacedock. Q will transport you to his spruced-up and improved winter valley. How does an omnipotent being improve on something that’s already perfect? Foolish mortal – omnipotent beings don’t need to follow the rules of mortal logic!

With the return of Q’s Winter Wonderland, you’ll find a new cozy gazebo added for socializing. The various vendors and the tailor are now located in the gazebo. From there, you can follow signs to special events, or you can head out into the snow to explore.

But it’s dangerous out there . . . be sure to pick up some snowballs from the piles that you’ll find scattered about the area, since you’ll need them. Q’s decided to add a little fun by animating the snowmen and sending them to keep you frosty, and you can only stop them with a barrage of snowballs! Every half-hour, the snowmen will come to a semblance of life and hunt people down with the intention of freezing them. If you’re frozen by a snow flurry, though, don’t worry – you’ll just remain out of the battle for a little while before returning as good as new. Participating in the snowball fight gives you a chance to win boxes of winter commodities, which you can trade for new costumes and prizes.

For those who are of a mind to challenge other captains, Q’s added a new race, somewhat like the famous endurance race of Starfleet Academy – a multi-captain competitive race on a new slippery ice track. In between snowball fights, the race announcer will call out the new competitive race and count down to the start. Everyone who wants to race can assemble at the new track for the “Fast and the Flurrious.” If you’re in the wooden-plank starting zone, you’ll see a large ‘WAITING FOR RACE’ tag over your captain. Then, wait for the race to start; once the starting gate drops, run the course as fast as you can and grab the flag at the end! The race will reward the first place, second place, and third place winners, with a token award for those who run the whole race but don’t place. This race will give you new epohh tags that can be used to breed special winter epohhs with the help of a Romulan researcher at the gazebo.

Of course, you can still participate in all of the old winter cheer. Track down the snowmen – when they aren’t chasing you! – to earn accolades. Skate on the icy lake and be sure to practice some new skating leaps when you wear ice skates. Most importantly, be sure to run the “Fastest Game on Ice” race, because this will reward you with winter gift boxes that may contain parts to help build the best prize of all . . . which you can read about HERE and HERE!”

Enjoy the festivities and don’t forget your hot cocoa! We’ll see you all at Q’s Winter Wonderland.

By Jesse Heinig
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