STO Guest Blog: Return To Q's Winter Wonderland

STO Guest Blog: Return To Q's Winter Wonderland

To celebrate the festive season of the end of the year, Q returns with his fabulous winter planet and all of its games and amusements! From now until January 14th around 10am, Q’s Winter Wonderland will be accessible again by speaking with Q on Qo’noS or Earth Spacedock. Q will transport you to his spruced-up and improved winter valley. How does an omnipotent being improve on something that’s already perfect? Foolish mortal – omnipotent beings don’t need to follow the rules of mortal logic!

With the return of Q’s Winter Wonderland, you’ll find a new cozy gazebo added for socializing. The various vendors and the tailor are now located in the gazebo. From there, you can follow signs to special events, or you can head out into the snow to explore.


Q’s Winter Wonderland

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