Star Trek Into Darkness, this past weekend, crossed the $400 million dollar mark at the international box office and this past week also eclipsed the $385.6 million worldwide total of Star Trek (2009). The key to STID’s success has been its numbers beyond the United States and Canada, with the new film grossing more in nearly every foreign market and, in many cases doubling, tripling or even quadrupling the gross of its predecessor.



For example, in Russia, Star Trek Into Darkness took in $10.4 million versus $4.1 million for Star Trek (2009), while in China, STID beamed up $38.7 million versus $8.5 million for ST (2009), and in Germany, STID outpaced ST (2009) $19.3 million to $12.8 million, with STID still in active release in those countries. 



Further, Star Trek Into Darkness has not yet completed its international rollout. Still to come are openings in Chile, Argentina, Venezuela, Greece, Spain and Japan.


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