Clans and challenges are two of the new features unveiled by Genera Games for Star Trek: Wrath of Gems. Players can challenge friends or join forces in new clans. Eager to test the capabilities of a new crew member? Or maybe you just want a sneak peak at your friends’ character cards? Then, challenge your friends’ fleet and find out where their strengths lie. Or perhaps you already know this information and wouldn’t dare face the challenge. Well, now you can turn your enemies into frenemies and create a clan on the battlefield. Group together with other players’ crews and fleets and receive higher rewards.

Star Trek: Wrath of Gems, from Genera Games and CBS interactive, combines your favorite Star Trek characters, spaceships and species from The Original Series and The Next Generation with deep RPG leveling. Players can advance through different storylines, experience varied game modes and much more. They can also collect and evolve favorite spaceships and characters, help famous captains, including James T. Kirk, on their missions, and match and battle against different species, among them the Cardassians, Klingons and Romulans.

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