ThinkGeek has just unveiled their latest Star Trek-themed product, the Star Trek White Noise Sleep Machine. has an exclusive First Look at photos of the device, as well as details about it, direct from ThinkGeek, which promises that it will be as effective as the Vulcan nerve pinch.

A combination of speaker, projector and alarm clock, the Star Trek White Noise Sleep Machine generates 8 sounds from 5 of your favorite iconic Star Trek spacecraft and projects a moving starfield on your ceiling. Drift off to sleep listening to the warp core thrum from the Enterprise-D or opt for the ambient ship noise of Voyager. This product celebrates each of the series, so you're sure to find a sound that's just right for your fandom.
The Star Trek White Noise Sleep Machine retails for $149.99. Go to to order it and hear sound samples. But you know what they say - you snooze, you lose.

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