Star Trek: The Official Magazine, Issue #53, is out now from Titan Publishing. The cover features a portrait of Leonard Nimoy as Spock and inside there's a tribute to the late, great Star Trek icon; additional coverage of Nimoy's life and passing will be included in Issue #54. Meanwhile, Issue #53 also invites readers to trade their Starfleet uniforms for skimpy leather armor, and to swap their phasers for flaming swords, as the magazine delves into the classical themes, myths and legends that have influenced Star Trek over the decades.

Readers will also learn how Trek couture is becoming high fashion, discover how Gary Seven faced of against Khan during the Eugenics Wars and catch up with Roxann Dawson, who looks back on her days as B'Elanna Torres on Voyager and discusses her current work as a respected television director in an exclusive interview. Additionally, Issue #53 includes favorite regular columns, merchandise reviews, the latest Trek news and a chance to win limited-edition Trek graphic novels from IDW Publishing.

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