Star Trek: The Exhibition is beaming to the Washington State Fair from now through September 27. The Exhibition immerses fans in the Star Trek universe and lets them connect with their favorite moments from The Original Series to Star Trek: The Next Generation to the current films. Boasting one of the largest collections of authentic Star Trek props, costumes and artifacts in the world, Star Trek: The Exhibition allows diehard fans and novices alike to explore the worlds, science and characters that made Star Trek a pop culture phenomenon. Be sure to pose in front of an impressively sized replica of the U.S.S. Enterprise, view one-of-a-kind displays, investigate interactive kiosks and partake in rare photo opportunities.

Among the main attractions of The Exhibition is the opportunity to explore a full-scale mock-up of the bridge of the U.S. Enterprise and to sit in the captain’s chair from James T. Kirk commanded the legendary U.S.S. Enterprise.

Visit HERE for details about the Washington State Fair and HERE to purchase separate admission tickets to Star Trek: The Exhibition.
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