The latest issue of Eaglemoss’s Star Trek Starships collection hits stores this week, and it's Professor Gegen’s research vessel from the Star Trek: Voyager episode "Distant Origin." The ship was an unusual design for Star Trek since it used quantum slipstream technology rather than conventional warp drive. This made perfect sense since it was created by an ancient species of dinosaurs that left Earth millions of years ago – the Voth.

As usual, the model has been based directly on the LightWave mesh that was created for the show, with members of the Star Trek VFX team also using it to create new images for the magazine that accompanies the model.

As the magazine reveals, the ship was designed by illustrator Rick Sternbach and built at Foundation Imaging. The magazine also features Sternbach’s original concept drawing for the ship and an exclusive interview with Star Trek makeup supremo Michael Westmore, who reveals how he created humanoid dinosaurs.

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