John  Byrne and IDW Publishing scored a direct hit last year with Byrne's Star Trek Annual 2013, which he rendered using the unique photonovel technique. The title sold out, prompting IDW to introduce a bi-monthly photonovel series by Byrne titled Star Trek: New Visions.

"What John does on the photonovel series is nothing short of amazing," Chris Ryall, IDW's chief creative officer/editor-in-chief said in a statement. "He's moved far beyond photo-manipulation and montage to constructing his own set pieces, uniforms and characters. Much more than just comic stories, these tales are the closest things to Original Series-era 'lost episodes' that the world will ever see."

According to IDW, each issue of "New Visions" will run extra long, with issue #1, "The Mirror, Cracked," exploring what happened to the Enterprise crew following the events of the TOS episode, "Mirror, Mirror." Issue #1 will span 48 pages and cost $7.99.

Keep an eye on for additional news about New Visions and other upcoming IDW Star Trek adventures.


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