If you’ve had Star Trek Magazine in your tractor beam for a while and needed just one more incentive to order it, now’s the time. Anyone who subscribes now to Star Trek Magazine will receive an exclusive package of six postcards that includes great shots of William Shatner as Kirk, Patrick Stewart as Picard, Chris Pine as young Kirk, Avery Brooks as Sisko, Kate Mulgrew as Janeway and Scott Bakula as Archer. The postcards have been produced solely for Star Trek Magazine subscribers and will not be available in stores.

Produced by Titan Magazines, Star Trek Magazine is published quarterly and is packed with all the latest news from the entire Star Trek universe, spanning from The Original Series to Star Trek Into Darkness. Each 100-page issue includes exclusive behind-the-scenes features, brand-new interviews with the cast and crew, and articles about your favorite characters, films and episodes, plus much more must-have material for all Star Trek fans.

The subscription offer, in addition to the postcard pack, includes six issues at a 10% discount, free delivery and early access, as subscribers will receive their issues before they arrive in stores. Star Trek Magazine costs $45.85 in the U.S., $55.85 in Canada and 24.25 pounds in the U.K. Current subscribers who renew early and extend their subscription by six issues will also receive the postcard pack.

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