As Star Trek enters its 50th year of exploring strange new worlds, going boldly where no sci-fi legend has gone before, the Official Star Trek Magazine continues on its own mission to bring fans the best Trek interviews, original features and exclusive behind-the-scenes action. That mission continues today with Titan Magazines publishing The Star Trek Magazine Special Edition 2016, a special collection of highlights from the past few years of the magazine.

Included is an in-depth look back at Star Trek: Voyager’s 20th anniversary, featuring interviews with Tim Russ, Ethans Phillips, Roxann Dawson, Garret Wang and series co-creator/executive producer Rick Berman. Other stories include an exploration of Khan and a detailed account of how the original Starship Enterprise was brought to life.

Star Trek Magazine Special Edition 2016 will cost $17, which includes shipping and handling, in the United States and Canada, and 11.99 Pounds around the rest of the world. Go to to order.

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