Star Trek Magazine wants… you.  The official Trek publication has just unlocked the door of Quark’s Bar, a destination for fans to share their love of everything and anything Trek. And they’re serious; the editors are seeking opinions, stories, anecdotes, artwork and photos from Trek fans around the globe. For those who are into dressing up Trek-style, be sure to enter Star Trek Magazine’s Cosplay Challenge. Later, for the August issue, they want you to recreate each member of the Enterprise-D's bridge crew to commemorate 25 years of Star Trek: The Next Generation. We’re hearing something about prizes, but keep an eye on Quark’s Bar for details. Also, are you crafting Trek-themed art? If so, share it with Trek fans everywhere by sending it in and having it included in the Quark’s Bar holo-gallery.

New editor Christopher Cooper had this to say: "We've been looking for ways to celebrate all aspects of Trek fandom, so we created a space where fans can share their love of all things Trek with fellow fans. There's still time to send your stories, photos and artwork to us for the May issue, and even to enter our first Cosplay Challenge: Flex your Ferengi lobes in celebration of the Great Material Continuum. May the best Quark, Rom or Grand Nagus win!”

Quark’s Bar will fill two pages of Issue #40 and between four to six pages of subsequent issues. To get involved, send your art, stories and pictures (of you in costume, of you with a Star Trek cast member, etc.) to And click HERE to learn more about Quark's Bar.

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