The June issue of Star Trek Magazine is out now, all 100 pages of it. It’s an issue devoted to the 11 big-screen voyages of the starship Enterprise and includes a look back at each film, an interview with beloved character actor David Warner, who co-starred in three of the features, an in-depth analysis of the evolution of Romulans across the movies and other media, as well as part one of a two-part about the stories spun in comic book form between the feature films. It’s all there to touch, to feel, to pick up and put down as readers please. But what if you don’t subscribe to Star Trek Magazine? What if you’re not near one of the many bookstores, comic book shops and magazine stands that sell Star Trek Magazine? What if it’s sold out?

Well, problem solved.

The new issue of Star Trek Magazine – not to mention all future issues -- can be accessed and read in its entirety on PC, Mac or iPad at For those unfamiliar with, it’s the world’s largest digital newsstand and repository to a library of more than 50,000 magazines. Perusing a magazine on may be a new experience for some people, as its specially developed, easy-to-use technology enables the Zinio reader to interact, zoom in and share with friends. And all the content is available, 24-7, on any device. Even better, a subscription to the digital version of Star Trek Magazine will save readers 35% off the newsstand price.

Check out a preview of Star Trek Magazine – No. 26, June 2010 – at