Star Trek Magazine has arrived at the final frontier. The official Star Trek publication is available now, digitally, on Apple’s iOS Newsstand for iPhone and iPad, as well as the NOOK via Barnes and Noble. Star Trek Magazine explores every aspect of the Star Trek universe, from breaking news about the Star Trek sequel to book excerpts and from exclusive interviews to looking-back features about each era of the Star Trek franchise.

Readers who utilize Apple Newsstand are able to buy single issues and back issues, including annual souvenir specials, and can auto-renew subscriptions as well. Readers will receive new-issue notifications, and those issues can be downloaded automatically while other apps are open. Two issues will be priced at $15.99 US and at 10.99 pounds UK, while four issues will be priced at $31.99 US and at 22.49 pounds UK.

Star Trek Magazine, as noted, will also be available to American readers through NOOK, from Barnes and Noble. Using the NOOK app, readers can secure single issues or subscriptions that will be delivered instantly to their NOOK or iPhone, iPad, PC or Mac, or Android. Star Trek Magazine subscriptions via NOOK will cost $2.67 a month (delivered bi-monthly) or $8.99 per single issue.

Click HERE to purchase Star Trek Magazine from Apple Newsstand and HERE to purchase Star Trek Magazine for NOOK. And click HERE to connect with Star Trek Magazine on Facebook.

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