Star Trek Magazine will go retro for the upcoming Issue #44, with a cover inspired by the classic Gold Key Comics Star Trek series, Issue #7, originally published in 1970. That issue spotlighted “The Voodoo Planet,” a comic strip adventure with Kirk and Spock beaming down to an alien planet – one with a remarkable resemblance to Earth, right down to the Eiffel Tower… all constructed from papier mache.

The Star Trek Magazine Issue #44 cover will mirror the source, and it’ll do so in every sense of the word. That’s to say that Issue #44 will be a Mirror Universe Publication from the Terran Federation. The regular newsstand edition runs a thoroughly modern take on the same design, this time featuring Kirk, Spock and McCoy from the new Star Trek timeline.

Content will include articles devoted to new timelines and will investigate quantum theory and temporal paradoxes. Fans can also enjoy re-evaluations of the films The Final Frontier and Insurrection, an interview with Denise Crosby, a Star Trek Scrapbook, plus all the favorite news, features, reviews, competitions and more.

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