Star Trek – from TOS to TNG -- had been happily exploring all corners of the galaxy for just over a quarter of a century, seeking out new life and new civilizations, when Deep Space Nine drifted onto terrestrial scanners in 1993. To commemorate Deep Space Nine’s 20th anniversary, Star Trek Magazine #43, which will go on sale January 22, has a brand-new interview with Armin Shimerman. Here is an exclusive excerpt:

Quark’s Bar, Grill, Gaming House and Holosuite Arcade (to give it its full name) was the beating heart of space station Deep Space 9 – whichever galactic power happened to be running the station at the time. As the Ferengi with his name above the door, Armin Shimerman proved he had the lobes to create an unforgettable Star Trek character.

Deep Space Nine was never a job to me. It was always a delight.” explains Armin Shimerman, who spent seven years playing the Ferengi barkeeper Quark on the Star Trek series. “I was always a Star Trek fanatic. I wanted to be part of the franchise, and it was always important to me that I was part of the franchise. At times, if you spoke with me when we were making the show, I may have made it seem a little bit more like a job, because I had lines to memorize, and makeup to put on, and episode after episode after episode to complete. Even then, I was always thinking about how much fun it was.”

Shimerman’s Trek days may seem long behind him, but the show is still an indelible and current part of his life. The actor remains a favorite on the convention circuit, spinning great stories on stage and taking the time to chat with fans and sign autographs. Plus, of course, 2013 marks the 20th anniversary of Deep Space Nine’s debut, meaning he’s in demand for even more conventions, appearances and interviews than ever.

Shimerman doesn’t turn his back on fans, or such opportunities. He’ll often attend conventions in the company of his wife, actress Kitty Swink, who twice appeared on Deep Space Nine, though never alongside him. Their table at conventions usually ends up in a row next to those of his Deep Space Nine supporting actor friends, Max Grodenchik, Aron Eisenberg, and Chase Masterson, who, respectively, played Rom, Nog, and Leeta. His current projects include writing a new novel, and taking on various roles – including actor, board member, associate artistic director, show director, and goodwill ambassador – for The Antaeus Company, a not-for-profit theater company in Los Angeles.

Read the rest of the interview in Star Trek Magazine issue #43. Issue #43 is on sale January 22 in the U.S. and January 31 in the U.K. as issue #170.

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