The latest issue of CBS Watch!, the glossy lifestyle magazine published by CBS, is a Star Trek special collector’s edition that’s available now on newsstands everywhere. The entire issue is devoted to Gene Roddenberry’s groundbreaking creation, Star Trek: The Original Series. Highlights include features focusing on the every facet of the series, from the initial pilot, to the casting, etc. There are profiles of Roddenberry and the show’s cast, as well as blueprints of the Enterprise, a Kirk vs. Pike analysis, a story about celebrity Trek fans, an introduction by astronaut Col. Chris Hadfield and an amusing essay titled “The Complete Guide to Redshirt Demises.”  Additionally, all of the stories are illustrated with vibrant photographs, and many of the 100-plus photos (some of which have never before been seen) were dug out of the CBS vault for this issue.

The Star Trek Collector’s Issue costs $9.99 and will be available through February 1. For additional information, go to


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