Fans of the cross-platform game Pocket Starships will be benefit from a just-announced agreement between SPYR and CBS Consumer Products that will allow the incorporation of intellectual property (IP) from various Star Trek television series into future Pocket Starships updates and expansions.

The Pocket Starships development team is already working on expansions of Pocket Starships to include the Star Trek IP, which SPYR expects will be released by the end of October of 2017. This means that in November, Pocket Starships players will be able to explore new sectors and engage in exciting battles with a certain assimilating Collective and will be able to staff their ships with their favorite Star Trek characters from the Star Trek TV series franchise -- including The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine and Voyager -- through a trading card system expansion. 

“We are very excited to announce that we have obtained a license to use Star Trek IP in Pocket Starships," James R. Thompson, SPYR’s CEO and President, said in a statement. "Pocket Starships and Star Trek are a perfect fit, with both Pocket Starships and Star Trek celebrating a spirit of exploration and cooperation. We think that Star Trek fans will enthusiastically embrace the new Star Trek-based content we will be adding to Pocket Starships. We are confident that with Pocket Starship’s real-time, cross-platform MMO gameplay, together, CBS Consumer Products and SPYR can take Pocket Starships and Star Trek mobile games where no one has gone before.”

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