Star Trek #2, the next installment in IDW's series of comic books inspired by the original Star Trek show and featuring both the alternate timeline and characters from Star Trek (2009), will be released on Wednesday, October 26. In it, Kirk, Spock and the Enterprise crew must contend with one of their own, Gary Mitchell, who has become possessed by an entity of unfathomable power.

Produced under the creative direction of Star Trek (2009) writer-producer Roberto Orci, Star Trek #2 was written by Mike Johnson, and it features art by Stephen Molnar and covers by Tim Bradstreet and Joe Corroney. Variants will include a photo cover and a Bradstreet sketch cover. Star Trek #2 will run 32 pages, cost $3.99 and will be available at comic retail stores.

Fans should also be on the lookout for the Star Trek Movie Box Set, a collector's edition slipcase that includes all three Star Trek (2009)-related trade paperbacks: Countdown, Nero and the Official Motion Picture Adaptation. The trio's writers include Roberto Orci, Alex Kurtzman, Mike Johnson and Tim Jones, while David Messina and Claudia Balboni handled the art and Messina did the covers. The slipcase set runs 360 pages, cost $39.99 and will be available at comic retail stores.

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