The first new ship in Eaglemoss’s Star Trek Starships Collection is the SS Raven, the ship that Seven of Nine’s parents lived on while they were searching for the Borg. The Raven is one of a handful of civilian Federation vessels that we’ve seen over the years, and the design has a lot in common with Starfleet’s Danube-class Runabouts.

As usual, the model has been based directly on the LightWave mesh that was created for the Star Trek: Voyager. Interestingly, the CG model made its debut the second time that the Raven appeared. The first time we saw it, it was a matte painting crashed on the surface of the planet.

Inside the magazine you’ll discover how senior illustrator Rick Sternbach designed the ship before it was built at Foundation Imaging. The magazine features Sternbach’s original concept drawing for the matte painting. As usual with Eaglemoss’s ships, the magazine features new renders created by members of the original VFX team, allowing you to get the best look at the Raven yet.

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