Sector 001: Federation Starships of First Contact

Sector 001: Federation Starships of First Contact

Star Trek: First Contact introduced fans to a bevy of new Federation starship designs, including the elegant U.S.S. Enterprise-E. In addition to Starfleet's Sovereign-class flagship, the Akira-, Steamrunner-, Saber- and Norway-classes all debuted on-screen during the pivotal Battle of Sector 001. Many of these vessels later played crucial roles in Star Trek: Voyager and the Dominion War arc of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Let's analyze some of the finer points surrounding these unique ships, from their launch dates to their potential production runs.

At the time of the Battle of Sector 001 in 2373, Geordi La Forge stated the Enterprise-E served as the fleet's most advanced vessel with under one year of service time. Per Starfleet policy, the U.S.S. Sovereign's maiden voyage occurred prior to Captain Picard's first cruise on the Enterprise-E. This information places the debut of the John Eaves-designed Sovereign-class starships in the range of 2371 to 2372. Primarily designated as an explorer, Picard's command nevertheless displayed its tactical acuity in combat against the Borg Queen's cube, Ru'afo's fleet, and Praetor Shinzon's Scimitar.

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