Last week, former Star Trek executive producer Rick Berman tweeted a photo of a script cover page that read Star Trek: The Next Generation -- "The Movie," which credited the story to Berman and Maurice Hurley and the screenplay to Hurley. Berman captioned the tweet as follows: "Never seen, never produced 'first' TNG movie. Story by me and Hurley, screenplay by Hurley. Wasn't half bad."

Several fans tweeted Berman asking for additional details, imploring him to share the whole thing publicly or to at least "Give us the pitch. 140 characters or less." Berman let the mystery hang in the air. reached out to Berman to ask what prompted him to tweet that photo now and to try to pry from him a couple of plot details.

"What prompted me was that I found the story of one version and the script of the other in a box," Berman wrote back. "The studio wanted two scripts written. They and I chose the one to be produced (which, of course, was Star Trek Generations). No elements of it (the unused script) went into any film we made."

Fair enough. But how about some small tease of the unused storyline? "Nothing about the plot...," he added. "Sorry."

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