Resistance will be futile. Mondo is back with their latest Star Trek posters, and this time they're focusing on Voyager and Seven of Nine. There are actually three posters, each by Craig Drake: "The Gift," featuring a posed Seven in her familiar cat-suit soon after her connection to the Borg Collective has been severed; "Scorpion, Part II," with a posed, still mostly Borg-ified Seven; and one that includes both Sevens, body to body, face to face. 

All three posters measure 24” x 36” and are hand numbered and printed by D&L Screen Printing. "The Gift" and "Scorpion, Part II" will be available in a limited edition of 130 and priced at $85 for the pair, while the combination poster will be available in a limited edition of 145 and priced at $65. Mondo will begin selling the poster at a random time tomorrow, so fans should follow @MondoNews for an “on-sale-now” announcement.

Visit for additional details, and keep an eye on for news about future Star Trek posters from Mondo.

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