bids a fond farewell to the legendary Richard Matheson, who passed away on June 23 at the age of  87. Matheson wrote more than two dozen critically acclaimed and often bestselling sci-fi, fantasy and horror novels, as well as numerous short stories, scripts and teleplays. Many of his works were adapted into films, including I Am Legend, What Dreams May Come, Hell House, Duel, The Shrinking Man, A Stir of Echoes and Steel (which became Real Steel). He wrote more than a dozen episodes of The Twilight Zone, including the timeless "Nightmare at 20,000 Feet," which starred a pre-Star Trek William Shatner. And, for Star Trek: The Original Series, Matheson penned the first-season episode "The Enemy Within;" click on the link to watch the episode now.



Our condolences to Matheson's family, friends and countless fans.


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