Star Trek toys, the best and the worst of them, are spotlighted in one of the four episodes that comprise season two of the Netflix documentary series The Toys That Made Us, which is streaming now. Getting some serious love and/or derision are the Star Trek Helmet, Mego's Star Trek Communicator, Star Trek Freezicles, the Star Trek Sky Diving Parachutist, Playmates Toys's TNG action figures, McFarlane Toys' upcoming Discovery figures and more.

Among those commenting throughout the Trek-centric episode are Doug Drexler, Bjo and John Trimble, Playmates sculptor Steve Varner, former Mego president Marty Abrams and Todd McFarlane, as well as Maria Jose and John Tenuto, who are professors, lifelong Trek fans, veteran Trek memorabilia collectors and popular bloggers. We laughed along with the Tenutos when John described the infamous Star Trek Helment as "easily the most hilarious Star Trek toy ever released." We agree, but we still want one!

Check out some exclusive clips from the Star Trek episode of The Toys That Made Us.

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