How can you tell what is a real Star Trek treasure or a total rip-off? Alec Peters, guest blogger and CEO of Propworx, an auction house for Hollywood studios, invites fans to bring their Trek treasures – or pictures or just really good, detailed explanations – to the panel Presents Trek Treasures: What's the Value of Your Trek Treasure?, set to be held at 12:10 p.m. on Friday, August 10, in the DeForest Kelley/Brasilia Ballroom in the Rio Suites & Hotel during Creation Entertainment’s Official Star Trek Convention. Peters will offer free valuations and provide tips for separating genuine Trek props from fake ones.

Peters has been a Star Trek fan since he first watched TOS on TV in the 60's. He started collecting screen-used Star Trek props and costumes at the Christie's Star Trek Auction in 2006 and then leveraged his passion into a business. His blog,, is the leading website for information on collecting Star Trek props and costumes. During his session, Peters will use PowerPoint to, as he told us, “review the basics of collecting, collecting screen-used props and costumes, and the traps collectors fall into.”

As noted, people can bring actual products if they choose to, but Peters says, “I don't expect people to (do so) since almost everyone is traveling from the four corners of the country -- and even from overseas. But photos are great.”

Captain Sisko’s desktop computer ranks as Peters’ most-prized Trek possession, and he also owns one of Picard’s desktop computers. Sisko over Picard? “Sisko is my man,” Peters replies. And what’s the Trek treasure he snagged for next to nothing? “The best deal I ever made was for a Klingon Death Sting Disruptor from Star Trek: The Motion Picture, which I got on eBay for $335 and which I thought was a really good replica,” he says. “It turned out to be the real thing.”

Maybe you’ve been just as lucky? Let us know if you have – and be sure to attend Presents Trek Treasures: What's the Value of Your Trek Treasure?

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