Walter Koenig’s big day is coming up fast, as he’s due to receive his Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on September 10. He’ll also be the man of the hour on September 8 and 9, during The Walter Koenig Star Celebration – A Gala Tribute and Convention. It’s not too late to join in the fun and celebrate with Koenig and many of his friends from Star Trek and Babylon 5, as they gather for screenings, Q&A’s, a roast and more. Tickets are still available, and recently spoke to Sky Conway, whose company, Planet Xpo, is producing The Walter Koenig Star Celebration, about the event and what fans attending can expect to see, hear and experience.

What's your sense of how thrilled Walter's friends, fans and family are that he's at long last receiving this honor?

Conway: There has been an outpouring of love from the fans. His Star is long overdue!
Give us a sense of your personal relationship with Walter. And what does it mean to you to be able to throw this event in his honor?

Conway: I have had the honor of knowing Walter since 1991. He is a dear friend... a best friend. He has been like an older brother even though he could be my father. LOL; sorry Walt. The Chekov character is just the tip of the iceberg of the real Walter Koenig. He is an incredible human being. Very funny... super creative and talented, generous and very loyal... and the biggest Yankee fan. He is the real deal and lives the ideals embedded in Star Trek. I worked on so many projects with Walt. I feel like the luckiest guy on the planet. And I am personally thrilled to honor Walt. He deserves it. I can't wait to dance on his Star after the ceremony.

Fans at home are reading this and are tempted to come out to L.A. for the event. What can they expect to see and do?

Conway: They should come and show their love. This event is our tribute to Walt. Please visit our website at it's a packed 2 plus days.

How pleased are you to be able to show Star Trek II and "Spectre of the Gun" and InAlienable, etc. on the big screen?

Conway: It's very cool, and we are showing them at the historic Egyptian Theater. It doesn't get better (than that). Walter will talk about the behind-the-scenes and (share) anecdotes never discussed before. It's going to be amazing and a treat for any Star Trek Fan. And even better, it's on the 46th anniversary of Trek. That’s huge.

This event is also a convention. There will be photo ops and autographs and a dealers' room. Any last-minute guests fans should be aware of?

Conway: We hope to have one big surprise guest but still waiting to confirm.


Planet XPO is running a promotion exclusively for fans featuring a weekend of activities, including the Anniversary Party and Celebrity Roast, for just $75 (a $135 value).  Click HERE for details.

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