Destination Star Trek 3 will kick off on Friday and all systems are go for the world’s largest and most-diverse Star Trek event, which will have something for everybody. DST3 has released the schedule of events and provided some updates, and has sorted through the details and below ticks off some of the highlights of DST3, which will take place across three stages and throughout the ExCel in the heart of London’s Docklands from October 3-5.

Appearances – Actors and behind-the-scenes figures from all 5 live-action series and the movies will be on hand for talks, autographs, meet and greets, and photo opportunities. Almost all of them will be available the entire weekend.

Museum – A favorite at previous DST events, the museum will feature a franchise-encompassing array of props, photos, documents, costumes and more. That incredible phaser you saw in your most-beloved Trek movie? It just might be in the collection Filmwelt is bringing to London this year.

Art Gallery – All 80 prints from the TOS Art Program, created by Juan Ortiz, will be on display in the gallery at DST3. And, for the very first time, all the prinst Ortiz created for The Animated Series Art Program will also be on display.

Wrath of Khan Screening and Talk – Not only can fans sit and watch Ricardo Montalban and his glorious pecs in action in Star Trek II, but director Nicholas Meyer will be on hand to introduce the film before two special screenings.

TNG Reunion – Patrick Stewart, Brent Spiner, Gates McFadden, LeVar Burton, Marina Sirtis, Michael Dorn, Denise Crosby, John De Lancie and Colm Meaney will gather together for a joint conversation moderated by William Shatner… enough said.

Photo Shoots –  Every guest at DST3 will be available for photos shoots, but DST3 has also come up with some cool twists and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities. How about joining Max Grodenchik and Aron Eisenberg as they pose in costume as Rom & Nog? How about posing with the TNG cast on the TNG Enterprise Bridge or with Jeri Ryan and Alice Krige in a Borg Regeneration Chamber? Spots are going quickly, so book in advance.

Opening Ceremony with Jonathan Ross – Sure to be Friday’s highlight… every DST3 will join together on stage for a kickoff hosted by Jonathan Ross.

Leonard Nimoy – Leonard Nimoy won’t be there in person, but Star Trek’s legendary Spock will join in the fun at DST3 by engaging in a conversation via Skype. It’d be illogical to miss it.

Guinness World Record Attempt – DST set the record for the Largest Gathering of People Dressed as Star Trek Characters, and this weekend they’re aiming to break their own record. So grab a costume (and it can’t be just a uniform top) and become a record-breaker.

Panels – DST3 has numerous panels scheduled throughout the weekend. Here’s a sampling:

o Tomorrow Is Yesterday: Bringing the Tech of Trek to Life… with Dave Coplin, Chief Envisioning Officer at Microsoft. Microsoft will also show off some in-the-works items from the Microsoft Lab.

o One Trek Mind Live with Jordan Hoffman, who'll lead fans in determining the Best TNG Episode, Biggest Star Trek Jerk & Best Crew.

o History of Star Trek Uniforms and Costumes, with Filmwelt Collection’s Martin Netter.

o The Borg: Villains or Victims, with the Engage Podcast and Neil Green

o The Dominion War Story Arc, with Jordan Hoffman.

o Making Starships, with Ben Robinson of Eaglemoss/Star Trek The Official Starships Collection.

o Making a Klingon: Makeup Demonstration with Suzie Plakson and makeup artist John Paladin.

Publication Alley – DST3 will have a dedicated space for fans of Trek and the written word. There will be books, comics and magazines for sale, author signings and more. Among the authors: Una McCormack and James Swallow.

Gaming Voyage -- Take a break and check out Star Trek Catan by Mayfair, Star Trek Timelines by Disruptor Beam, Star Trek Attack Wing by NECA and Star Trek Arcade Games by Stern Pinball.

Klingon Zone – Not sure relaxing is the right word for what fans can do here, but stop by and have some fun. Eurotalk will offer its Klingon language product. Klingons in costume will break out frequently in song. And there will be – are you ready? – a Star Trek Warp Speed Dating session held in the Zone.

CBS Action --  Beam yourself up at the exclusive home of The Original Series in the UK.

Qualcomm Tricorder XPRIZE -- Get photographed in costume to be part of XPRIZE’s current campaign, and also be sure to enter for the chance to win signed Star Trek collectibles.

Also be sure to check out the many official Partners & Products:

o   Official Star Trek Store – Best collection of Star Trek products.

o   The Original Series Universal Remote Control by The Wand Company.

o   Star Trek Replica Uniforms by ANOVOS, making their first European appearance.

o   Official Starships Collection by Eaglemoss

o   Star Trek Magazine by Titan

o   Star Trek Costumes by Rubies, with Escapade

o   Star Trek Art by Lightspeed Fine Art

o   Star Trek POP Figures by Funko

o   Blu-rays & DVDs from Paramount Home Media

o   Star Trek Online by Perfect World

o   Star Trek Apparel by Plastic Head

o   Star Trek Trading Cards by Rittenhouse


And last but not least…  Parties (at The Fox):

o   Party on Risa – Enterprise Blues Band on Friday

o   Party with Our Man Bashir – Vic Fontaine (James Darren) and Tim Russ

Visit for details about all of the above. And if you can’t make it London, will be in the house, tweeting from the floor and providing daily recaps and photos.

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