What's with Carrie Underwood and Star Trek captains? The country superstar was joined on stage at the CMAs the other night by William Shatner, in a Star Wars Stormtrooper costume, no less. And a few days before that, Underwood got into a Twitter lovefest with Patrick Stewart after US Magazine printed a Q&A in which she stated "I have a massive crush on Patrick Stewart. Always have, always will."

Well, it turns out that Stewart heard about Underwood's gushing words and on October 28 he tweeted the following: "@carrieunderwood's words excite me more than the solid results of my recent bone density scan." Less than an hour later, Underwood tweeted: "FREAKING OUT RIGHT NOW!!! HE KNOWS I'M ALIVE!!!!!!! Play it cool, Carrie... play it cool."

Pretty amusing, right?

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