Is there a Star Trek film opening soon, or what? Paramount continues to build things to a crescendo for Star Trek Into Darkness, offering – in the past couple of days -- a fresh batch of character videos and a new poster. First up, there’s “Disruptions,” in which John Harrison (Benedict Cumberbatch) shares his thoughts about Lt. Uhura (Zoe Saldana) as images of her from the film flicker on the screen. “Lt. Uhura, the soul of the Enterprise,” he intones. “The master of communication with the frequencies of the entire universe at her fingertips. She is the force of compassion holding the entire crew together. But look deeper and you will see a woman whose love makes her a liability…” And, of course, Harrison’s words lead to a less-than-veiled threat.



Paramount has also released a few spots devoted primarily to Kirk (Chris Pine). Check out “Vendetta” and “World” and “Reputation.”






And, finally – for the moment anyway – there’s a sleek new Star Trek Into Darkness IMAX poster. It depicts the Enterprise on the run as the massive, looming Vengeance bears down on her.



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