One Trek Mind #49: Best Holodeck Alter Egos

One Trek Mind #49: Best Holodeck Alter Egos

I buy warp speed, photon torpedoes and the transporter. I can rationalize the replicator, universal translators and intra-ship communicators that seem to “know” to contact your intended party a split-second before the sound could possibly have gotten to them. There's something about the holodeck, however, that evades my suspension of disbelief.

I just don't see how light particles can do all the wonderful things a holodeck does. How can someone sit in a holo-projected chair without banging their rear on the floor? And what about when one person walks one way and the other walks the other? One would HAVE to bump into a wall, right?

Despite this (or maybe because of it) the holodeck is one of the pieces of Trek tech I'd most like to try. Sure, it has given us no shortage of trouble over the years, but there's also so much fun. Indeed, almost every one of our TNG/DS9/Voyager friends has had a go beyond the arch. It isn't just the characters they meet there, but the characters they transform into that makes it such a blast. Here, then, are 10 of my favorite holodeck alter egos for our space-faring crewmen.

10 - Brian Boru

Chief O'Brien (usually with his pal Dr. Bashir) wasn't shy about renting some time in one of Quark's holosuites. I suppose darts and synthehol only go so far. The pair loved to play-act famous battles from history, and one time they decided to reenact the Battle of Clontarf from the early 11th Century. To hear O'Brien say it, his ancestor, the High King Brian Boru, was key to fighting off the Vikings from Ireland. More importantly were the looks the boys got in their fur uniforms on the Promenade.

9 - Sheriff Worf

A Fistful of DatasWestworldDeadwood

8 - Mademoiselle de Neuf

The Killing Game

7 - Katie O'Clare

Fair Haven

6 - Dixon Hill

First Contact

5 - Captain Proton

Star TrekAdventures of Captain ProtonVoyager

4 - Maid Marian


3 – Julian Bashir, Secret Agent

DS9Our Man Bashir

2 - Sherlock Holmes

Star Trek


1 - Everyone as the EMH in Photons Be Free

The Measure of a ManAuthor, Author



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