Star Trek The Official Starships Collection has released images and details of its next two issues. Issue #32 is a Starfleet Runabout and Issue #33 is a Cardassian Hideki class.

Larger than regular shuttlecraft, the Danube-class Runabout was an essential component of 24th-century Starfleet space stations. Three Runabouts of this type were assigned to the station Deep Space 9 in 2369 – the U.S.S. Ganges, U.S.S. Yangtzee Kiang and U.S.S. Rio Grande. The version featured here is the Orinoco, and includes the additional rollbar. The design and use of this high-warp capable starship is explored in the magazine, along with insights and early concepts from senior production illustrator Rick Sternbach.

The Cardassian Hideki class features the Cardassian Hideki-class craft which debuted at the end of Deep Space Nine season two. The magazine looks at this little Cardassian ship, which served as both a scout ship and a fighter, and eventually made many appearances in the Dominion War. When it first appeared, the Hideki class was filmed using a physical model that was designed by Jim Martin. Nearly 20 years later, it proved almost impossible to uncover the truth of its origins, but the magazine does include a feature on Jim Martin's other design work for DS9.

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