The innovative Swype keyboard that changed the way people type now gives users even more control over the look and feel of their keyboard. Not long ago, an update to Nuance’s Swype keyboard for Android introduced premium Star Trek themes, allowing users to personalize their keyboard with their favorite Star Trek characters. Available for in-app purchase from within the Swype keyboard, individual themes are $1.99 each with theme bundles starting as low as $2.99.

The new keyboard themes feature characters from Star Trek: The Original Series as well as Star Trek: The Next Generation. What characters’ themes are most commonly chosen? What series do Swype users prefer? After a few weeks, the Swype team is starting to get an idea of who comes out on top. 

So far, the most popular Star Trek characters according to Swype users are:

1.    Spock
2.    Picard
3.    Kirk
4.    Worf
5.    Data

With three out of five of the top characters representing Star Trek: The Next Generation, the series seems to be more popular among Swype users, though Uhura and McCoy (representing The Original Series) are just trailing behind. Of course, many users are opting to show their allegiance by purchasing series bundles that include multiple themes. The story here is more or less the same, as Next Generation-based bundles are preferred to the Original Series by a decent amount so far.

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