Star Trek's iconic Captain Picard, Patrick Stewart, is going where no one ever wants to go if they can avoid it... into an elevator that stops in its tracks high above the ground in New York City. That's the fate that befalls Stewart's character, Harris, in the upcoming holiday movie, Christmas Eve. Actually, several characters in the film get stuck in elevators. That's the basic concept behind the film, as the power goes out in New York City, stranding a bunch of folks in elevators, some in small groups and Harris by himself.

The cast, in addition to Stewart, includes Jon Heder, James Roday, Gary Cole, Cheryl Hines, Julianna Guill and Max Casella. The film will open in limited theatrical release on December 4 and will also debut that day on iTunes. For additional details, tickets and to purchase on iTunes, go to the official site at

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