Leonard Nimoy recently took a sentimental journey back to the city of his youth -- Boston -- and he did so accompanied by his son, Adam, who chronicled their visit in Leonard Nimoy's Boston, a documentary short directed by Adam Nimoy. The younger Nimoy previously directed numerous television shows, including two episodes of Star Trek: The Next Generation ("Rascals" and "Timescape"), and put his father through his paces in the "I, Robot" installment of The Outer Limits reboot in 1995.

Over the course of the documentary's 28-minute running time, the elder Nimoy recounts his youth growing up in a Ukranian immigrant family and living in the West End, valuable riverfront property seized by the city for urban renewel. He points out old landmarks, shares stories about his early days as an actor, and recalls what used to stand on spots now occupied by residential high-rises. StarTrek.com reached out to Leonard Nimoy, who seemed happy to share his thoughts about the project.

"I was pleased and touched when Adam approached me with the idea to make this film of my early life," Nimoy said. "I thought it was a wonderful way for us to spend some time together to produce something which would be interesting and meaningful for the rest of our family.

"We had a wonderful experience together," the Star Trek legend continued. "I enjoyed taking him to the various places and telling him the story and everything came back in a rush. This was a powerful experience for the two of us."


And how pleased is Nimoy with the finished product?

"I thought Adam did a wonderful job of capturing the stories that I told him," Nimoy replied. "He's a very good director and created what I think is a wonderful film. I'm very flattered by it. I hope that people who see it come away with an understanding that for me my small dreams developed into a very large, wonderful life. I consider myself blessed and I'm grateful."


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