Kate Mulgrew's memoir Born with Teeth is out now in paperback from Back Bay Books. In it, Star Trek: Voyager's Captain Janeway pulls no punches. Readers hear Mulgrew’s voice, that cadence, in every sentence, as she shares anecdotes from her life in vivid detail. She dips into her childhood, romances, a brutal rape and the up-and-down life of an actress. She recalls blowing her first Voyager audition and later inhabiting Captain Janeway, as well as the consuming guilt she felt over being away from her sons while traversing the Delta Quadrant. Mulgrew also spends many a page describing her efforts to find and reunite with the daughter she’d given up for adoption in her youth.

Discussing the hardcover version's release last year with StarTrek.com, Mulgrew explained that she didn't consider it "cathartic" to put her life experiences down in writing. "It’d be brave," she said, laughing. "I was bold. I was ready; you’ve got to emphasize that word for me. There’s a readiness in every life, if it’s been lived as mine has been lived, to which the memoirist must respond. Not only were my parents dead, but I’d reclaimed my daughter and she’s now been in my life in a very, very substantial way for (nine) years. We have a wonderful and quite-deeply realized relationship. I wanted also to leave something for my grandchildren to read about when I’m gone. It’s very Irish, this approach. I also wanted to do it with whatever lyricism and eloquence and austerity that I could endow it with. And I hope I accomplished that."

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