Mondo will kick off its celebration of Star Trek's 50th anniversary by releasing the late James Horner's masterful Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan soundtrack as a record. We'll say that again: a record. And, more to the point, it's on 180-gram Mutara Nebula-colored vinyl, part of a limited, one-time pressing. In fact, the whole thing is special. Remastered by James Plotkin, it's an expanded version of the soundtrack, featuring audio not previously released on vinyl. Further, the two albums come in an elaborate jacket boasting artwork by U.K.-based illustrator Matt Taylor, with exclusive liner notes by Devin Faraci. 

As Mondo fans know, all new releases occur on Wednesdays... at a random time. So keep an eye on their Twitter feed for details as to when to purchase the soundtrack, which will cost $35.
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