It's no secret that Michael Dorn will appear in Ted 2, opening nationwide tomorrow. But his role in the comedy sequel hasn't been revealed until now. Dorn himself gave us the scoop during a recent conversation with

"I play Patrick Warburton's boyfriend," Dorn said. "We play the most horrible gay couple you've ever seen. We are physically abusive to each other. We are horrible creatures. It's actually a funny bit, and I like it because it's not a caricature. These are two guys who are just guys, but they're actually very mean-spirited and not nice people. That goes against type for me, and I liked that."

Photo Credit: Justin Lubin/Universal Pictures and Media Rights Capital

Dorn isn't the only familiar Trek name associated with Ted 2. Enterprise guest star Seth MacFarlane directed and co-wrote the film, and also voices Ted, while Patrick Stewart serves as narrator (as he did for the first film). And Dorn's former Deep Space Nine co-star Nana Visitor also has a role in it, a fact that came as a surprise to both of them.

"I was in New York for a convention, and I got together with Nana and her husband," Dorn recalled. "We talked and, at that point, she didn't know I was in the movie and I didn't know she was in the movie. She goes, 'Yeah, I did this little thing on Ted 2.' I went, 'Wait a minute! I'm in Ted 2!' She said, 'What?!' I said, 'Yeah.' It was pretty funny. So, we're both in it, which should be fun for a lot of the Trek fans."


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